Nginx acme challance

I moved /etc/letsencrypt to a new server. And I am curious about the file permissions.

In the old server the permissions for the files in /etc/letsencypt/live/ have rwx for user and group. But the new server doesn't have the same permissions:

The parent folders have the same permissions though. Does this matter?

I used scp to copy the folder and used the root user to run the command as both.

What was the full command line used?
[you can obfuscate the servernames/IPs if needed]


sudo scp -r /etc/letsencrypt root@newserver:/etc/

I think adding the "-p" might do the trick.


Same thing. Odd, I looked at the man pages and assumed -p would do what was needed.

BTW, wanted to shout out Spectacle by KDE. New feature allows me to pixilate screenshots while taking the screenshot.

I'm waiting for the DNS to update and then I'm going to try certbot renew.

The left side has the expected symlinks.
The right side doesn't have symlinks.
That won't work.

Delete and try again?


I'll give that a shot, the delete and try again option.

I was just about to test the thing this afternoon when my terminal froze.

Turns out Linode had an outage.

So, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Thanks for the help.


scp with the -p switch didn't copy over permissions. Or sym links.

The solution was to use rsync:
sudo rsync -avz -e ssh /etc/letsencrypt root@newserver:/etc/


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