Newbie question: where is my SSL key log file

I am bring up a server under Lightsail using Bitnami LAMP. I have installed Let’s encrypt on my site and that seems to be working. What I am developing is a Chrome Extension that talks to my lightsail app. I am having an issue with the communication between the Extension and the server. Something to do with the headers getting mangled. I have been stuck on this for two weeks. So right now I plan to use Wireshark to view the headers. The problem is that the headers (and the payload) are encrypted by Let’s Encrypt. I did find some instructs on how to set up Wireshark to be able to view these encrypted headers. One thing that I must do is to install the SSL key log file in Wireshark’s Preferences, Protocol,SSL. But I don’t know what the name of the SSL KeyLog file would be? I also don’t know were it would be? On my workstation or on the Linux server?

Any help is appreciated…

Hi @richb201

is it really required to break your ssl connection? If you have a server, then you should be able to get the headers there.

This isn't really possible. The headers are encrypted by your webserver. The issuer of the certificate is not relevant, encryption / decryption is a standard.

To find the private key: Which client do you use? If you have a LAMP, Apache has config files, there is something like

<VirtualHost *:443>
    SSLEngine on
    SSLCertificateFile /etc/ssl/certs/yourdomain.crt
    SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/ssl/private/yourdomain.key

Thanks. It is not really clear if the problem is in what is being sent by the js code in the Chrome Extension or in what the server is sending back to the client. My hunch is that Codeigniter (in server) is ramming some other data into the header before it sends it off. Before it goes out it looks OK in my debugger. Since that data is not what should be in a header, it is causing the server to throw a 500 error. That is the theory! I KNOW that CI is building the response to the extension correctly. It is just that when it arrives at the Chrome Extension, it is mangled (some of my payload data seems to be in the headers). Is the CI app doing that or is the server doing that? As I said, I can look at the headers just before they are sent with the output() function, and they are fine, but when they arrive at the Chrom Ext, they are screwed.

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