New Version (2017 Review) of Bulletproof SSL and TLS is Out

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I know we don’t usually promote services or charged items however this book is one of the best guides on the topic of SSL and TLS so I think this post should be ok.

New version is out with lots of revisions :smiley: I have got mine and working through it.

For those of you who may not have heard of this book, it’s a great guide to lots of concepts around SSL and some of the theory behind how things work.



Book? You mean, a multiple of analog, paper pages with text on them bundled together?

Do people nowadays still use those things, besides for starting the fire in your fire place?

How much money do you gain from plugging this analog thing here and why should people choose to spend money on it and not using free internet pages which probably would tell them the same information?

Different people find they learn better in different ways. So even if you personally don’t find books useful, others may.

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a) i bought the ebook :smiley: - much easier
b) no money just like i don’t recieve money for conributing here
c) while yes most people are self taught of the internet these days a good guide that walks you through all the steps and nuances are hard to find :smiley:


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I agree that this book is a terrific resource.

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Thank for sharing @ahaw021, like @schoen I also agree that this is an excellent resource for folks looking to learn more about TLS/HTTPS.

I’m also a big fan of the associated monthly newsletter. It’s a 100% free resource that typically has a tremendous round-up of in-the-news TLS/HTTPS related issues.


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