New to SSL need help

I have a squarespace domain I have a linked external IP and need to secure a sub domain. i do not have shell access and don’t have a clue where to go from here.

Goto, it has a web verison so you can apply over there.

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If you don't have shell access, how do you manage your site? Does your provider provide a configuration panel?

There are going to be 2 main parts to getting it secured via SSL - generating the certificate, and installing it.

Lots of options for generating, but I would recommend checking your control panel (as Osiris suggests) to see what the process for installing the cert is - since they often have instructions on how to generate one for them at the same time.

I use squarespace for my provider. they have a configuration page

Unfortunately Squarespace does not offer SSL for sub-domains pointing away from their site.

Yes, SSL is the responsibility of whoever is hosting the external server your subdomain is pointing to. Who is that?

the server with the external IP is located here with me.

I dont know if this would cause an error or not but what I have is a custom A record that points to my server under the domain I dont know if that means it is not actually a sub domain or what.

So the actual site is hosted at your location, under your control? You should have shell access to your own server, right?

Osiris, is the domain. is the A record. The host is square space but maps.mwlvt points to an external IP that I control.


This appears to be a Windows server running IIS. is probably the easiest solution for you, but there are other options.

Thank you to all who helped get me in the right direction. This ended up being the solution for me because of windows IIS ""

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