New entrant - how do I renew my certificate(s)?

I am a new entrant to this - please be gentle!

I found out today that the certificates on several of my websites have expired, and on investigation, found that the issuer organisation is Let’s Encrypt.

My question is how do I renew them?

Details below.
My main domain is

I think the certificate currently says:

Cert for “” 1561971681.0

Other domains are:

It seems the certificate expired on September 29th 2019 at around 0800 hrs UTC.

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That depends on how you got and installed the certificate in the first place.

Thank you for your kind reply. As far as I can tell, they were installed by my hosting provider when I registered the domain, but I could be wrong.

Hi @peter.benton

please start with some basics:

So there are three options:

  • You have enough access, then you can use your own client
  • You use a shared hosting with a provider specific solution
  • You use a shared hosting with a control panel solution (Plesk, cPanel etc.)

(2) -> ask your hoster. Then the certificate should be renewed without your action. If not, it's a bad configuration.

PS: Checking your domain

there is no problem visible -

There are some certificates:

And you use that with 22 domain names:
expires in 50 days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
- 22 entries

I didn't checked these 22 domains.

Where do you see an expired certificate?

Thankyou Mr Juergen Auer.

Thank you for your investigation on my behalf. I will follow the suggestions that you make above. In the interim I have noticed that my domains (at least the primary one) did not have a private IP address. I have now purchased this, so it may make a difference.

Why should a domain have a private ip address? A public visible domain shouldn't have a private ip address.

Private ip addresses are only used in private networks. And you can't create a certificate with a domain name via http validation, if the domain has only a private ip address. Then you have to use dns validation.

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