New certificate err_cert_common_name_invalid error

I installed ssl certificate for, but get an ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error…any idea what could be the issue

  1. server stack: node.js/express
  2. hosting provider: AWS
  3. OS: ubuntu

funny thing is if I accept to ignore the warning in the browser and “proceed at my own risk” and load the site and view the certificate (by clicking on the lock sign in the URL bar)…it says it is a valid certificate

Hi @satyendra

that's the problem using a browser. A browser caches redirects, so some urls may be partial invisible.

Checking your domain ( ) it's simple:

Both http versions redirect direct (without a new dns query) to their https version, this is good (Grade A).

But your certificate
	27.04.2019 - 1 entry

has only one domain name, so your www - version isn't secure. But if you confirm, then your browser redirects to the non-www version.

So create one certificate with both domain names:

-d -d

and use this certificate.

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