New-authz returns "deactivated" authorizations on staging

While testing with the staging endpoint today, I’ve noticed that if a domain had an authorization and revoked it, the subsequent new-authz call returns an old “deactivated” authorization, making it impossible to re-authorize.

I haven’t seen it yet on the production endpoint (although I haven’t explicitly tried to reproduce there), so that could be some regression with the newest version of the code. You might want to check it out before today’s release.


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Hi @stanwise - Thanks for flagging. I’ll look into this.

Hi again @stanwise,

Thanks for catching this! :medal: You definitely saved us some heartache and I really appreciate it.

I confirmed that the behaviour you’re observing is a bug and we’re disabling the feature in staging while it is fixed. I’ll update this thread again when it should be safe for you to re-test.

All set - you should be back to being able to create new authorizations for your domains.

Confirmed - it now works as expected.

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