Never register cert for

Hi. we found renewal mail for, but we never register cert for this site. Please someone give me any suggestion to handle this case.

The webserver that is hosting is literally using that certificate.

Whoever set your webserver up probably issued and installed it.



checking your domain there are redirects http -> https. So https is used. Who manages your server?

Perhaps ask your hoster.

Or the hoster has added a certificate.


Hi @JuergenAuer

We are a company in Thailand. Last year we issued cert for our site (,,, All server own by our IT department and we issued cert by use this account email.

Recently, IT department moved almost site to AWS and use cert that already apply to ALB. So, we stop to continue renew cert from Let’s Encrypt. and we found renewal mail for

We concern someone use our mail to register cert that may be cause problem to our company later. So we need to inform someone about this issue.

Is your domain?

Edit: It uses the IP address Is that one of your IP addresses?

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There is only one certificate:

Issuer not before not after Domain names LE-Duplicate next LE
Let's Encrypt Authority X3 2019-07-10 2019-10-08, - 2 entries

And it's a freenom-Nameserver.

Freenom offers some free domains and some free name server services.

Perhaps a test domain.

Or someone had used your mail without your permission, that's possible.

If you don't renew the certificate, there are max. 2 mails sent.


@mnordhoff No. Both Domain and IP not own by me.

Thank for information. And what should we do next?

Ignore it. May be someone has used the mail without permission. May be a typo. The page has no information, a login is required.

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Thanks for your advice.

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