Network is unreachable

I am getting error when certbot-auto renew commend is ran by crontab. The job is set to run once week at 12:00am. Is there a network disruption at Let’sEncrypt at mid-night? There was no network issue where my servers are located. When I run the commend manually during the day, it renews fine from the command line.

Midnight is indeed a moment of peak load, because so many people choose to set up their crontab at 12:00am. Our integration guide recommends picking a random minute and hour to run your renew job.

OK. Will give it a try in three months.

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I’d actually recommend that you change your crontab now, so you don’t have to think about it in three months. :smiley:

Also, you should really be renewing at 60 days, not 90 days, so you have time to recover from any problems. If you’re using certbot-auto -q renew, Certbot will take care of this for you automatically.

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OK. Thank you.

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