as I read in your community and with requestioning my provider, hoststar is offering a free SSL certificate to all users.

My Site produces today the following message:

I called hoststar, and they told me, that Let’s Encrypt didn’t update the certificate. Is that the case?

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hi @ekoplanet

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t update the certificate

usually one runs a bit of software called a client that does that

Ask hoststar who is responsible (them or you ) for ensuring renewals are processed.

Renewals aren’t done automatically and must be requrested by the client.

Configuring of this can either be done by a provider (for example cPanel, hosting providers) or by the user (yourself)


Just to be clear on this point, it is possible to set up renewals to happen automatically (and we strongly encourage this), but that has to be set up by whoever requested the certificate. If the hosting provider got the certificate for you, they have to also set it up to request renewals regularly.

So if Hoststar is the one who gets the certificate, Hoststar should also be the one who sets it up to be renewed. That should probably be a standard part of the process of offering free certificates to customers!

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