i have already get a certificate manually from cetbot on my centos8 and i validate my domain with the HTTP validation but when i target the domain in a post request i get that error i really did not understand what happened ?

PS: domain is

thank you!

Hi @lakkini

that's simple, see your last checks, ~~30 minutes old -

Your certificate has only the non-www domain name.

So the www version doesn't have the correct certificate.

Create one certificate with both domain names - non-www and www.

hello @JuergenAuer and thank you for your replay. yes i already notice this issue i just used this command to create the certificate: certbot certonly --manual how can i do that could u help please ?

When it asks for the domain, answer with both names:

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Read the documentation.

The -d flag should do the job.

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i already did thank you

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thank you bu i used the -d option

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