Need help installing first cert

Agreed. This is a template and it's good for a starter, but dang is it messy lol


Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Ashley :slightly_smiling_face:

First, as the unofficial resident GoDaddy guy here, I want to congratulate @Osiris for hitting the bullseye on identifying the GoDaddy redirect IP address ( Ashley, you shouldn't feel too bad being one of the legion of people caught up in the confusion of the terrible mechanism of "forwarding" that GoDaddy provides. If you were to search around in this community for "", you would find many others stung by this trap.

Even the official GoDaddy guys don't always recognize it:

For full confirmation, see the IP address listed in step 6 under the Domain forwarding section here:

You deserve an explanation. You see, GoDaddy's biggest business has always been domain registration. One way of drawing and expanding that business is to provide features that enhance and encourage domain registration by providing services that embellish the functionality of registering with GoDaddy. While GoDaddy wants you to host with them, even if you don't they have often provided services such as free email boxes and/or email forwarding with domain registration. I myself have taken great advantage of these features for the multitudes of domain names I've registered with GoDaddy over many years. One other feature they've offered is "domain forwarding", which allows one to put 302 or 301 forwarding in place for a domain name without needing to host that domain name. This can provide a tremendous cost/time savings if you have many domain names (for example: .net, .org, and .info of your .com). However, it does not work with TLS/SSL since the "forwarding server" (fake host) does not have a TLS/SSL certificate installed for your domain name.


RG, do you have an email/discord where we can chat more about the You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. thing so we don't keep blowing this up? I have some questions I'd like to pick your brain if you don't mind

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and that's EXACTLY what happened. Button said, hey forwarding, do this. Well yea it worked, but creates the exact issue you described. #Firsttimelife lol. I do appreciate the in depth answer on this, thanks a ton. Huge learning experience for me and I am totally passing this on.


I laud your diligence and perseverance in learning. You have stumbled through an area where many others have fallen and come out undaunted and the wiser for it. While GoDaddy might be the king of "value" and "additional features", they are also the king of "the upsell" and "overboard confusion" as well. With more shifting than you'll find in the Labyrinth, you have been presented with all manner of styles and colors of rope with which to hang yourself. Knowledge is your friend. Glad you've built a good relationship. Keep strengthening it. :wink:

You will survive!

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I'm thinking of approaching GoDaddy about taking down the "domain forwarding" feature. With the ubiquitousness of TLS/SSL in the modern world and the number of monitors/filters that have identified/blocked as a source of malicious behavior, I feel like the negatives of this feature greatly outweigh the positives, especially in regards to its original purpose.


Thats a great idea IMO

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GoDaddy was not really well suited to handling certificates. This is because the're server stack is older.

Some options changed but new ones emerged such as hosting wordpress etc

not sure about the framing that they use

No, sorry I don't.

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