Need Cert for Mail When Web is Hosted Elsewhere


I need some information prior to wiping a server, reinstalling the OS and panel, and restoring a particular domain onto it. I'm of the school of ask first, then do; and this seemed like the place to ask.

The situation is that the Web site and DNS for the domain are hosted elsewhere, but I host the mail. DNS for mail.domain.tld and webmail.domain.tld do point to my server's IP. Also, those two URLs do bring up default placeholder Web pages when accessed via HTTP/HTTPS.

Can I request a cert for only mail.domain.tld and webmail.domain.tld without requesting one for the parent domain? I really need it only for the mail. Everything else is hosted elsewhere.

OS will be Rocky 8.6, panel will be Virtualmin Pro. The hostname and IP's will remain the same, as will the mail servers for the domains. Dovecot and Postfix will handle the mail.

Many thanks,


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Yes. You can.


Thank you kind sir or madam.


I just wanted to thank you kind folks again. The server is now up and running with a new OS and panel (CentOS 7.9 -> Rocky 8.6, and cPanel -> Virtualmin Pro), the unusual domain has been migrated back into the new server, the SSL request was successful, and the mail is working fine. With any luck the client won't notice anything was changed.



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