My site is still showing non secure


I have renewed my website SSL certs from server side and it is showing valid till 89 days.
But when I am trying to access my site , it is still showing non secure.


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Hi @Ratna,

It looks like your server is still using your old certificate. When you renew a certificate, a fresh certificate is generated reflecting the new expiration time, and that needs to be installed in the web server. Some methods of obtaining certificates can fully automate this process, but you didn’t tell us how you’re managing your certificates, so I don’t know whether the method you’re using would be able to do that or not.

It looks like your Blackboard server is running on top of OpenResty, so you may still need to restart or reload OpenResty (if the new certificate is already present where OpenResty expects to find it), or copy the certificate and associated files into the location that OpenResty expects (if not).


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