My R3 cert did not renew automatically

Hello All,

Not sure why my cert did not renew automatically. The cert has been expired since 9th of October. Could you please help how to resolve this please?

The CN is

We will need more information to help you debug your website.

How is it set up? There are many different clients that can work with Let's Encrypt. Do you know which you're running? Do you have any extra information about your webserver that might help? Does it have any log output that you can view?


You have a cert that expired then but you have gotten 3 certs since then. So, it looks like your cert renewal is working properly but that your server is not using them.

Do you need to reload or restart your server to use the latest one maybe? Or have you changed your configuration and still referencing the older cert?


Thank you Mike for checking, Let me check and get back to you after reloading the server.
I appreciate your assistance.


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