My domain works fine with ssl but when i tries to access subfolders it shows error (dangerous) on google chrome

my below domain is working perfectly with ssl certificate, but when i try to access subfolders it shows error dangerous.

domain: <-- work perfectly

domain with subfolder: <-- shows dangerous error

plz help me in this regards.


Hi @rajtri

there is mixed content. Check the output of

Change that link to https.

Oh - checking that url manual there is a FireFox browser warning from Google Safe Browsing.

Looks like this site is bad.

And a missing file

Your main page has 5 missing files.

PS: Yep, checking your url with Chrome, there is the Google Safe Browsing warning.

Because there is a link to - so remove that link. There are some phishing activities found.

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removed that link…still the problem as it was:sleepy:

plz check the link and guide me:pray:


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The link isn't removed.

Read your output:

The missing file isn't critical. But the red marked link is blocked via Google Safe Browsing.

thanx for the help…

u r right…i forgot to upload the edited file on server.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

it was my fault, now its solved…

thanx again.:hugs:

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