My ASP.Net website is not displayed correctly on Internet

I have created a site using ASP.Net. In the local, the site desplays as it should be in all browsers. Also, in the local works returning to the same position on the site after entering the data. However, the view of the site on Internet in all browsers (specifically menu) is different than in the local and after entering the data the position is always at the beginning of the site. I used Lets Encrypt as an SSL/TLS certificate. It’s obviously a problem is Lets Encrypt. What is the problem and how do I solve it? I note that this happens after the renew. Before that, the site worked properly.

My domain is:

Hi @slavisav

that’s not a certificate problem. There are some content errors, see

Such a link


works local, but an external user has a http status 403 - Forbidden. So the script code doesn’t work.

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