My Account Has Expired Last Month. I Need To Reactivate My Account

Hey guys, last month my ssl certificate expired but i did not added the certificate in my wordpress site. I mean i created an account via wordpress plugin of Let’s Encrypt but i did not installed the certificate. Now after 5-6 months i remember about ssl certificate so i again installed the wordpress plugin but it says that my account has expired last month. Showing me date of last month.

I need to reactivate the account. Can you please help me by giving me any idea about if i again can get account back or not?

Hi @itiskhalsa,

Can you show us the exact error message from WordPress?

Let’s Encrypt has a concept of “accounts” but they’re not very important for most purposes, and they don’t “expire” at all, as far as I know. So, I think the WordPress plugin might be showing you something confusing or misleading, and in any case not really connected to our concept of “accounts”.

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Hi bro, thank you for the reply. I am using Let’s Encrypt on many websites. None of those sites are giving me any error. There are only 2 sites not installing the certificate. Because for those 2 websites i installed the plugin about 4-5 months ago. but never installed the certificate. That means i created account via the wordpress plugin but never installed any certificate so it did not get auto renew for both of the sites after 3 month.

Now the issue is that i do not see any error or anything. Plugin is showing my my account information which i am going to send you the screenshot for you to see.

Here is the screenshot ---->

In this screenshot you can see that it says that my account was registered on 03/05/2017 at 18:37.

After the account registration i tried a lot to install the certificate but i did not understand how to install it at that time so i uninstalled the plugin as i did not know how to install the ssl in my host via plugin.

After few months i understood how to install it so i again installed the plugin in those sites but had no luck.

Hey bro, i found the issue. Actually, i was looking for this folder Let’s Encrypt in the domain name’s folder. But this folder was outside of the domain’s folder in file manager.
I found the folder and the certificates. Then i added a plugin name HTTPS Redirections. Everything started working. I mean now i can see the Secure and https before the domain name.

I hope this will help someone else too.

Brother schoen, I need to ask you that as i was ranking on top of Google for about more than 100 keywords in a website where i just added https before the domain. My question to you is that will it effect on my keyword rankings. As all of my internal linking is without https. it only had http.
Do you believe that it may effect on my google rankings?

If your answer is Yes, then Do you have any solution/plugin for this to auto redirect all the http into https?

Hi there, brother, could you please inform me if adding https on a domain name which has age of 5 years.
This domain name of mine has good authority built. So, my question is that if i add https before the domain name then will it effect on my ranking?

some general research would have set you on your way


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