muötidomain manual REALLY annoying


okay manual mode gets funnier every day.

it seems that every manually verified domain gets a different challenge and domains that are alreadyy verified also get a completely new challenge which is a really annyoing thing because I try to make a cert with 14 domains which all reside on my win-PC with XAMPP (some have different webroots compared to others, to isolate the secure stuff) so I have to run LE with manual from my raspi.

what made it worse, when I tried to copy a challenge somewhere in the middle I unconsiously used ctrl+C for copy on all normal system which canceled 6the whole procedure, it’s not LE’s fault but it’s annoying. is there some way to put a “do you really wanna cancel” question in there, or like many android apps have, you have to push back twice to exit.

so my Ideas for LE:
use the same challenge for every domain requested under one cert and/or acc, so user A has a webroot challenge he can just pate everywhere needed but B still cannot certs A already got
if a domain is already verified for an acc, remember the challenge used and check whether or not it’s still there, so you dont need to put in a new one.


The client should not request a new challenge for the already verified domains, that’s the problem. Every time a new challenge is fine, but it shouldn’t be requested at all as long as the old one is still valid.

How about just making different certificates for now?


well no matter whether I try to get a SAN or different ones I still have to complete a challenge for each domains, and a SAN is easier to deal with.
also I already had issued an LE cert where I wanted to get some (a lot of) new names on it so I requested a new one and for the 2 domains that alread had a cert it wanted a new challenge.