Multiple variable domains with let's encrypt nginx

hello sorry my question can’t follow the instructions
i have a platform that everyone can register and get his own subdomain
and also he can add another domain if he buys it from a domain provider by cname or by server ip .
i want to install let’s encrypt to cover all new domains is there a way to do that for all at once or i need to run a command for every new domain in my platform ?
thanks and have a good day .

What’s your platform is it like a hosting service or you provide DNS to people?

it’s an eCommerce platform like shopify

You’ll need to implement a acme client into your platform to do automatic issuance and renewal. You night choose to write one yourself or look for one in and integrate in your code.

yes even if i chose this solution and use implement an acme client i’d have to restart nginx with every new domain and that is not something users will like

If you choose to reload Nginx, it’ll not have that much impact. (It’s graceful for your worker processes, according to dreamhost article).

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