Multiple hosts each with own web server

I found one question similar to mine from Nov. 15 but there were no replies. I’m going to try again. Since I work in academia we do segregate student projects so it’s nothing for us to throw up separate servers running independent web servers. So we end up with URLs like, etc… If we want to avoid self-signed certificates on each of these is there a way to use Let’s Encrypt on each individual server?

Sure, just run a Let’s Encrypt client on each server and get certificates there. There is nothing about the design of Let’s Encrypt that requires certificates to be obtained only by the administration. Indeed, lots of universities have independent departments and organizations all independently getting their own certificates.

However, you are also likely to run into rate limit problems

and may need your university to request a rate limit exemption, which a number of other universities have done.

Great! Thanks for that information. I’ll look into the rate limits.

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