Multi-domain ssl script


I would like to generate a multi domain SSL certificate with several different domains pointing to one of my AWS ELB.

However I’d like to have a script in place to be able to re-generate this multi domain ssl when a new domain will be pointing to my ELB so I can push the new multi domain certificate to it.

I’m not sure it is possible to generate a multi domain SSL certificate with http challenges that I would create automatically on my server (where the content is) and then verify automatically after the correct challenges have been created.

Since I will not be serving SSL on the server itself but on the ELB, I cannot use the webroot function of certbot.

Would you have a solution for this or any advices ?

Kind regards,

Two possible “solutions” come to mind:

  1. DNS authentication - not easy.
  2. redirect all .well-known/acme-challenges to a site, or subdomain, on the certbot system (presuming it can server http/https requests, even if only temporarily)

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