MPI Server Certificate


I have a question about MPI Server Certificate. From where we are supposed to take it? We are trying to integrate with JCB and they want this certificate. Here is a quote from their communication:

This certificate must be obtained from commercial CA with Commercial CA Root Certificate.
About the MPI Server Certificate, you can get certificate signed by most popular CA like GeoTrust or Verisign and so on.

In this case we use Let’s Encrypt.


Hi @AvigarD,

I don’t think that they are referring to a special kind of certificate. Do you already have a Let’s Encrypt certificate covering the appropriate name? Or were you just planning to use Let’s Encrypt to get a certificate, but haven’t already done so?

The certificates that Let’s Encrypt issues aren’t specific to one protocol or port. They can be used with TLS services with any protocol or port number.

Does the other party want you to tell them in advance what certificate you’re going to use? If so, remember that Let’s Encrypt certificates only last 90 days and are recommended to be replaced every 60 days, so you would have to repeat this process rather frequently. In that case you might prefer to use a different certificate authority or arrange not to have to tell the other party in advance every time you change your certificate.

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