Moving site from nginx to shared hosting, how to use Let's Encrypt without downtime?

I’m moving my site from nginx to shared hosting. Currently using Let’s Encrypt and I want to continue to use it on shared hosting. I need to verify my site to use this new LE, how to do that without downtime? If possible without temporary turning off my SSL because I don’t want it to affect my SEO.

I haven’t change my DNS nameserver to point to my new server because it have’t HTTPS yet, I want this have LE SSL enabled first then change my DNS nameserver

On this shared hosting (Hawkhost) cPanel, I just need to click to enable SSL if my site don’t have SSL yet. But I don’t know how to do this with me already have SSL on nginx.


An existing certificate does not collide with other certificates for the same domain name. Just try it out in the control panel - as long as you don’t move your dns records, you cannot break your existing setup.

I see, I’ll give it a try.

Ok, it’s done. I put my site on maintenance mode while waiting for new DNS read by Let’s Encrypt for SSL verification. Downtime maybe only 5 minutes. Cool. Thanks

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