Moving certificate output directory

That's where I would end up short, as I have no idea how to write my own commands haha

I can barely make a .bat file run

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That's actually a pretty good idea! I imagine the task scheduler would be able to make that happen...

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That you even know what a ".bat" file is - is promising enough!

create a text file that has:
copy /source/files /dest/
name it...: something.cmd

Open "task scheduler"
create a new task
schedule it to run at 1am every day
and point it to that "something.cmd" file


And just to be abundantly clear, I replace the /source/files with the path from where the symlinks are, and the /dest/ is where it gets pasted to?

EDIT: Nevermind I got it to to work!

Just wanna quickly thank both of you for helping out this caveman. Really appreciate it guys!!


It is possible that the application unable to follow symlink if the application runs on a chroot environment. (However it is irrelevant to this case)


Just as an aside that may be useful to you or others, you can also do this using Certify The Web:

  • add a managed certificate (and request it to check all that is working)
  • then add a "Deploy to Generic Server" deployment task in the Tasks tab and configure the output paths you want under Task Parameters. Save and hit the :arrow_forward: button to try out the file export to where you want it.
  • if you also add a Restart Service task you can auto restart the required service so it picks up the latest cert (if you want to). I'm assuming F: is a local drive and not a share mapped through your user profile.

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