Moved to LE on


Bitcoin World( is now using Lets Encrypt. The setup was very easy and this is awesome. With a little more tweaks, also got A+ on Qualsys SSL test ( ) and with support for most possible clients.
Complete IPv6 support (Digital Ocean).

The latest client was able to configure server automatically, but I had to manually force https in virtual host. Shutdown the Apache Server and ran letsencrypt auto and it worked flawless.
Just awesome. Now looking for a badge or something to add to the website, and lets jump forward towards encrypted web.


You can create your onw badge. An bade is in no way an security improvement.
Even worse if more site use ssl badge/seal the user become to lacy to check
the important browser information (green lock/bar)


Just want to put a badge in sidebar to tell about LetsEncrypt. It is a great service and I would like to spread information about it .


Hi, here you can find some badges.