Move certificate to new server

This question has probably been asked a million times before, but my searches have not produced an answer.
A client wants to move his website to a new hosting provider. A certificate for the website was generated by the original hosting provider’s Let’s Encrypt cPanel option, but the new hosting provider does not accommodate the ACME protocol.
The new hosting provider has suggested that the existing Let’s Encrypt certificate be sent to their SSL team for manual installation on the server.
My questions:

  1. Would such a manual certificate installation be possible?
  2. If yes, how would it be possible to renew the certificate?
    Thanks & Regards

If the new provider supports it, certainly.

Not easily. Most likely it would involve a web-based client like, and would need to be done every 60-80 days. Rather a hassle really. Perhaps the client should reconsider his choice of hosting providers.

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