Misredirect error with subdomains

My domains are: wenu.it and mamangio.it
Hosting provider: keliweb.it
Kernel: 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.24.6.el7.x86_64

For a couple of months since I ran AutoSSL, everything worked. Then, I first had problems on mamangio.it with several “misredirect” errors (especially browsing with Safari).
This happened while “switching” from main domain to subdomains. Subdomains are configured with a wildcard, as the website is on a multisite Wordpress installation.
After many attempts to make it work, I activated a Cloudflare account and everything began to work again.

Today, the same thing happened on the other domain, wenu.it
This time I have no wildcard certificate, but one domain (wenu.it) and two defined subdomains (app.wenu.it and yes.wenu.it). The “yes” subdomain works as a url shortener which redirect to the “app” subdomain, which contains a simple custom-developed PHP app.
Now I’ve just configured Cloudflare also for this domain, hoping that within a couple of hours it’s gonna work again.

I’m curious of why this happens.

Thank you.

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I’m not sure what you mean with “misredirect” and how this is related to Let’s Encrypt/TLS in general and even less how it could have been fixed by using CloudFlare. Do you have an specific example? Error messages? Screenshots?

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Sorry, error is “misdirected”. Here is a screenshot.
I think the problem happens when using a Wildcard SSL certificate, maybe it’s server configuration fault.

However, I activated a Cloudflare certificate for the two subdomains (“yes” and “app”), while on the main domain I have the Let’s Encrypt certificate. Now everything is working.

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Well, pasticceriagiulio.mamangio.it is working perfectly with a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

My Chromium browser redirects perfectly from HTTP to HTTPS with a green padlock and also curl doesn’t complain at all.

The base domains hostname wenu.it still uses the Let’s Encrypt certificate too and also works nicely.

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