Migrating to LetsEncrypt for my personal use tt-rss server

This is on an ubuntu 14.04 system. My firewall allows 443 access to the machine hosting ttrss, but forwards to port 81 on the ubuntu system.

I’m using the high level domain name home.<randomdomain.com> and have a dns record the points through 443 to 81 to the machine.

Using the certbot options it can’t confirm my domain name as mine with the --apache and --webroot options.

So I’m a bit stuck as to how to get the domain confirmed. I’ve done certificates before, as I have a just expired startssl one, but I’m getting stuck with how to get the automated process going.

use the DNS challenge

Or try with --apache --tls-sni-01-port 81.

Or, could you forward port 80 as well?

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