Merge all certs into one LE account

Hopefully that title makes sense.

Command using CryptLE client from :
le32.exe -key account.key -csr -csr-key -crt -domains "" -generate-missing -path "WEBPATH\.well-known\acme-challenge" -live

(BTW, I know does not yet have the cert implemented yet, but doesn’t pertain to my issue.)

So I have using one account.key file, but my other domains on this server are using a different account.key file.

Is there any way to disassociate from its account.key and migrate it to the account.key used for my other domains?

Although which key a domain has is not really that relevant, you can use the other key and re-issue the cert.
So it would actually be a new cert.

Awesome – it works! Many thanks!

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