MDM Server Renewing Cert Errors

Hi All

I am having issues renewing my cert using the guide in this link.

I was able to get completely setup but now when i try to run the script to renew. It fails because it couldnt validate in the .well-known folder.

I tried a few things around the form but no results. I get the error: Websites are turned off. An administrator can turn them on using the Server application. when i try to browse to the

But i also noticed two other interesting things. It doesnt matter what i type after the url i still get the same error. I also noticed when i go into the Server app that i only use the profile manager for MDM, And would prefer it that way since i dont need to host a real website.

Any other suggestion? Thank you!

Your only other alternative is to use DNS authentication with a compatible DNS provider:

This is a bit more difficult than just enabling websites on your server so the Let's Encrypt validation servers can see the file it puts there. Since you already need a web server running for the MDM functionality enabling it to serve a few static files is hardly an increased security risk.

Hi wanted to update you. I took your advice and enabled webserver. Figured if I am not hosting anything there is no harm.

Once done I was able to renew.

Thanks for your assistance

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