Mayan EDMS with Let's Encrypt SSL Cert

I have used Let’s Encrypt with EasyEngine and WordOps. I have used it on a few different web hosts, too. However, the task now is to implement Let’s Encrypt on a Mayan EDMS Docker Deployment. Mayan EDMS is accessible via a URL. I’ve been setting up the features and such. However, I cannot seem to find a reliable way to obtain and/or renew a Let’s Encrypt SSL Cert for this system.

Any thoughts on how to handle this?

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Hi @bamajr,

What is the HTTP serving component of this tool? How is it supposed to be configured?

One thing that a lot of people have had success with is putting up Caddy, nginx, or HAProxy (roughly in descending order of convenience) as a reverse proxy in front of other web servers that don’t support HTTPS or Let’s Encrypt in a convenient way. Then the Caddy (etc.) process will terminate inbound HTTPS requests and then forward them to a TCP port on localhost over HTTP. In this case the backend service doesn’t necessarily need to be aware of HTTPS or Let’s Encrypt.

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