Maryland public institutions using LE?

A friend working in a Maryland public academic institution is trying to cut red tape surrounding use of Let’s Encrypt certificates. Is there anyone here working in a Maryland public institutions?

Most educational institutions in the United States subscribe to Internet2’s InCommon certificate authority, which provides an unlimited number of certificates to educational institutions for one annual fee.

If your institution charges you to get an InCommon certificate, it is probably a source of income for them since it doesn’t cost them any extra to give you one, hence the dragging of feet.

If they don’t charge you and just want everyone to use InCommon, your friend may also want to independently try to convince Internet2/Comodo to support ACME for InCommon so they can use certbot to get certificates from InCommon the same way they would from Let’s Encrypt. The ACME working group has spent a lot of time lately making the protocol suitable for commercial CAs and I’m certain they would be delighted to work with Internet2 to make it suitable for InCommon if there’s interest from their side.

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