Manually install SSL in a Cloud with 3 sites

Sorry if this it is doubled, but I really couldn't find two answers.

  • How can I manually install the certificate, and manually change the necessary configuration files? Instead of run certbot (that I'm not sure what do in the system), can I download the files and upload, ando do everything old fashion?

  • How do I install the SSL (even automatically :frowning: ) in a cloud server where is hosted 3 different websites? This is my setup, I have three domains pointing to three websites hosted in a cloud server. Every exemple I found depicts the situation of onde domain and one regular webhost, using cpanel, etc.

Thanks a lot.


Hi @leandrolsguedes, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

There are basically two ways to handle this:

  • use one system to get the cert(s) [central cert server]
    then push (or pull) the cert(s) to/from each of the servers that require the cert(s) [synchonize]

  • use an ACME client on each server and obtain individual cert(s) [using DNS authentication]


Are you running Windows or Linux on your server?


Linux and Apache, @webprofusion

Thankou @rg305 ! I have onlly one server with 3 websites on it. I think I would need 3 certificates, right? (one per domain, I guess).


Then this is much simpler than I first understood.
You can get one certificate with three names on it OR as many as three certificates with one name on each.
Get an ACME client for Linux and go from there.
See: Getting Started - Let's Encrypt (


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