Managing certificates and term

Hi there,

i’ve setup my first certificate for my cpanel using sentora on centos 7

My cert expires in 3 months on 31/12

Is there a place on this site I can go to download and manage my certs? if i choose to use this for my production environment? also do the certificates only last 3 months or is there a command line to make them last 3 years for example?

many thanks and gr8 solution!


You could go to to get your certificate file, but not the private key (The key is on your server and should not be available to public)
You should be able to manage your certificates via cPanel SSL/TLS interface.

The certificates will only last three month each... However i believe cPanel should auto-renew it if you obtained it via cPanel automated system.

Thank you

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its ok i found why the certs are 3 months old. good idea! best make sure my automation works properly.

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