Lost formatting after cert issued/installed (solved)


I have a test domain that I am using to better uunderstand how this works to set up and what the results will be. Unfortunately I’ve hit something of an unfortunate snag. The content is all placeholder stuff, so don’t pay it any mind but take a look at:


the secure version of the site has had the formatting stripped out… wierd. The server is hosted on an Ubuntu 14.04 + LAMP droplet on Digital Ocean. Running a current version of wordpress.

Any idea what I may have done that caused this problem? Thanks in advance for the help.

Automatically enable HSTS

The style sheets are linked to by an IP address not covered by your cert—which would make certificate validation fail, and therefore retrieval would stop. Also, your cert covers www.duude.net but not duude.net, which seems to be a problem, since I get redirected to the latter.


You reference your CSS files by IP address instead of with the domain, i.e.:

<link rel='stylesheet' id='omega-style-css'  href='' type='text/css' media='all' />`

The certificate for your site is only valid when used with the domain, and browsers will refuse to load insecure content from anywhere else when you’re using HTTPS.

I noticed you’re using Wordpress - you’ll probably want to change the base URL to your domain instead of your IP.


JKingweb and pfg - thank you both. I appriciate your quick replies! -brent