Long pages load

My domain is: oz.com.ua
I’m using a control panel to manage my site: DirectAdmin

I have a problem loading pages. If you open website http - it loads immediately, if https - it can loads for a very long time (20-40-60 seconds). Such a bug is observed in chrome, in firefox everything is ok. I tried from different computers and operating systems. A 100% bug appears if you open the https tab, return to it in 1-2 minutes (after working in other programs) and click on any internal links. Please help, because I don’t already know what to do.

I make video:

it loads in under a second for me. network problem on your end?

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Please try open
http://oz.com.ua and in second tab https://oz.com.ua
then work in another program for some minutes
then return and try to refresh pages
with http - will load immediately
with https - will take a long time

In Chrome, the HTTPS version of your site loads instantly for me as well.

You can also try using Chrome browsers at different locations on webpagetest. e.g. Chrome in Zurich: https://webpagetest.org/result/200417_8K_3cebb0f7a005ee94375959371dc2291c/

Does your problem still happen if you try access the HTTPS version of your site through a different internet connection? Such as a mobile hotspot?

I see nothing like that, difference is few hundred milliseconds at most.

(Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:75.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/75.0)

Please try in Chrome (i try on different Pcs)
Yes, mozilla opened them both immediately

useful link, thanx for it
Yes, I tested this problem on different connections - at home. in the office, mobile, 2 friends in other cities

I’ve been racking my brains over this problem for 3 weeks now. I have changed the hosting server. I received an answer from the hosting company that they have no problems on the server, but they, too, were able to repeat the problem in their browser.

Can you open website https, work in some another tabs for 5 minutes and return to tab and try to go by any internal link?
In this case i receive 100% this problem
Thank you!

Some DNS servers are timing out on resolving oz.com.ua:


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@bruncsak - good idea.

And the TTL is 600 seconds = 5 minutes.

So it’s a name server timeout problem.

@ozxua : Use a much longer TTL if you don’t change your A record daily.

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