Localxpose with let's Encrypt

I think will have to renew my Let's Encrypt soon. I can do a command like this to open https port:

loclx tunnel tls --to localhost:443 --reserved-domain server.com

That works.

But I did this command and it times out:

loclx domain letsencrypt --domain server.com

server.com is not my real domain name. I don't want to give it out.

It says on Dec 23 2023 will have to renew it.

I am not sure do I have to add something to that command line to make it work with letsencrypt ?

-Raymond Day

Please use the domain "example" (e.g. "example.com") for these purposes in the future. Those domains (for a few TLDs such as .org and .net and so forth) are specifically reserved for this purpose.

For the usually used http-01 challenge, port 80 is required.

I have no clue how you can see which challenge is used by loclx. If you would have followed the questionnaire which should have been presented when you opened this thread in the Help section, it would have asked you to present an output of the command, which could have shed some light on that question.


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