Limit rate. I need a certificate

Dear Team, I have been unable to issue a letcrypt certificate from my Plask panel for days.
The system always tells me that I have exceeded the limit for my domain , the guide talks about waiting at least an hour but 3 days have passed and it always gives me the same error, how can I do? Can you help me?
Thanks in advance

Your next certificate is issuable in 4 days.

Unless you add a further name to your certificate (such as *, to prevent it being counted as duplicate, there’s nothing you can do except wait.

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You successfully created a total of 5 certificates on May 9 and May 10. Do you know what happened to them? Can you use one of them?


I deleted them and I was not aware of the limitation, how can I fix it?

You can follow @_az’s advice add another name to create a new certificate (it won’t be a duplicate certificate), otherwise you’ll have to wait until the rate limit window passes. In the future, you should use the Staging API to generate certificates if you intend to delete them or are testing a new setup. The rate limits are much more generous in Staging.


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