Letsmonitor.org support mail error


I wanted to contact Support of Letsmonitor.org. From information on their website I've found that they have e-mail address support@letsmonitor.org . I've sent email there with my query but received error autoreply
supporterror that suggest that support@ doesn't exist on that server.

Error code from that email

Reported error: 550 5.1.10 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipientNotFound; Recipient support@letsmonitor.org not found by SMTP address lookup
DSN generated by: SN1PR20MB0640.namprd20.prod.outlook.com

Same issue was decribed in What happened to letsmonitor.org? but it was closed wihtout resolution.

Did you try the alternate address suggested?


Maybe also try tag the two letsmonitor.org reps I tagged in that thread.

@gatorio @ns8
Tagging two users suggested by _az. Could you help with a way to reach support of letsmonitor.org?

I haven’t tried the other email support@letsmonitor.com as website https://letsmonitor.com seems to be a different entity. Perhaps I’m wrong on this.

On my bank statement their payment appears as staylive.com, so I tried contacting them but didn’t get a replay, I tried both direct email and the live chat on their website, nothing! In the end I went to my bank and canceled the direct debit directly.

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