LetsEncrypt wildcards, DNSSEC, acme.sh, Google domains, etc


OK - let’s see how much interest there is. Here is an article that tells how
I managed to make LE wildcards, DNSSEC, acme.sh, bind,and Google Domains
work together for automated renewal. I’m on a server at my home, and if
the bandwidth burden gets to be too much I’ll have to seek another host.

If no one reads it, then it at least won’t be a burden to my server! Hope this
helps someone out there.

73 de Bill W5GFE


for downloads only. There is both LaTeX source and a PDF on the same (minimal) page.


Publishing an HTML copy for viewer convenience (pdf on mobile = pain) and search engine indexing would be nice :slight_smile:


OK. Look in directory “howto” for a version created by LaTeX2html


Hey there @Buffalo. You might consider using something like GitHub Pages for hosting static content like this. Totally free, custom domains supported and as of recently, automatic TLS via LetsEncrypt. Admittedly, it sort of takes the learning fun out of hosting it yourself if that was your ultimate goal. But git is also a great thing to learn if you haven’t already.


Thanks for the tip! As a retired CS prof, I don’t need the “fun” of hosting
a site for downloads! I’ll look into your suggestion right away!

73 de Bill W5GFE


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