Letsencrypt in server or in subfolder

I have Ubuntu 16.4 on a DigitalOcean droplet with Serverpilot Apache/Nginx. I have a number of serverpilot apps differentiated by folders eg apps/appname1/public and apps/appname2/public.

Having installed several certificates before on other droplets it seems that the whole droplet/server requires SSL for any access. So appname1 might have a certificate but if appname2 does not despite being in a separate folder still gets a severe warning about being insecure. All the apps have the same IP address.

So in short, if one app has SSL must they all (if sharing the same IP)?

The IP doesn't matter, nor does the file structure on your server. How do you access them? If you reach all the apps with the same hostname (http://yourhost/app1, http://yourhost/app2, etc.) then yes, it's pretty much all or nothing (though you don't have to force https--you could always choose to access any app via http). But if you're using different name-based virtual hosts (http://app1.yourdomain, http://app2.yourdomain, etc.), then you could get certs and enable SSL for any or all of them.

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