Letsencrypt for webmin

I have webmin installed on a group of virtual servers, they currently are https access on port 10000 and use the default self-signed certs that come with the webmin installer. Its somewhat annoying to deal with the incessant complaints by the Chrome browser each time I access one of the installs. Firefox is a bit less annoying as it lets you “remember” the fact that you approved the access the next time you use it… I’d never considering buying certs for these as it would be a LOT of $$$ to cert-ify all 6 of these installs with standard purchased certs… My question is this: I have six installs, all of which are in the form of vm1.mydomain.com, vm2.mydomain.com and so on… They’re all subdomains of mydomain.com so do I have to run letsencrypt-manual six times and generate six certs or since they’re on the same domain, just once and use the same cert files for each??


It’s up to you. You can specify up to 100 domains for a single certificate. You’ll need to verify all the domains, however, so keep that in mind if you put them into a single request.

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as motoko says, up to you - you can do it either way.

I have a similar setup, and personally I did a separate request for each vm/subdomain which worked fine.

Thanks for the info… Gonna try it on my personal domain first…