Letsencrypt client Apache apache2ctl what is it looking for?

From what I gather right now Letsencrypt client’s Apache side is looking for debian/ubuntu apache2ctl binary and then using that to parse some Apache stuff that the client requires ?

I am mainly a CentOS guy and use Nginx more than Apache, but for my Centmin Mod LEMP stack besides Nginx web server, I plan to integrate Apache 2.4 support too via custom compiled RPM packages. I plan to add Letsencrypt support for my stack so the question is.

  1. Could you explain exactly what apache2ctl or apachectl (for centos) is used for in terms of parsing the Apache configuration files/settings ?
  2. What do you expect to find for parsing apache2ctl (ubuntu/debian) derived information and where you expect to find it ?

Unfortunately, not a python coder so delving into the code won’t be as useful to me.



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