Letsencrypt, Certbot, Chirpstack, PostgreSQL12, Ubuntu 20.04

We had a functional ChirpStack server integrated with PostgreSQL using MQTT bridge. Recently we have tried to obtain and install encryption and certificate generated from Letsencrypt and provisioned Certbot to renew it.

Proccedure we followed:
For Letsencrypt & Certbot: Certbot - Ubuntufocal Other
Snapcraft overview | Snapcraft documentation
For PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL SSL with Letsencrypt. Tutorial for setting up PostgreSQL… | by Pavel Evstigneev | Medium
Securing Postgres connections using Let's Encrypt certificates | Logan Marchione

For Chirpstack: We took idea from ChirpStack forum: Using secure websockets with Basic Station - ChirpStack Gateway Bridge - ChirpStack Community Forum

Problem: After the the generation of the certificate and configuring all the .conf and .toml files, the ChirpStack UI is not online. PostgreSQL 12 is not active. [error: (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)]

We are planning to start over the full encryption process. Could you please provide some handy instruction to make the ChirpStack, MQTT, PostgreSQL work together after getting the Keys from Letsencrypt running on Ubuntu 20.04?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like Postgres might be misconfigured. What do its logs say about the startup?

journalctl -u postgresql -n 25 --no-pager

(Edit: you might have to look in /var/log/postgresql/ rather than in journalctl, depends on the system).

It sounds like you might have more than one problem.
They are all like dominoes and there is only one problem that has toppled them all over.

So, I would break this down into dependencies and start with the one that doesn't depend on any of the others.
Presuming certbot was able to obtain a cert (and has been prepared to renew it), the next in line might be PostgreSQL. For that I would revisit the instructions step by step (like step #4) and ensure that every step is working.
And so on...

Thanks for quick replies.
I am trying to single out issues with each connected pieces of service. One thing I must mention, once I remove Certbot it starts working fine. I have started over the process, let see how it works out.

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That leaves too much to the imagination.

What does that mean exactly?

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