Let's Encrypt without Certbot?

My domain is:seeingblue.us

I am using Godaddy shared hosting(not wordpress) so that means I have to do this manually for now. The instructions suggest I put Certbot in manual mode but they don’t have a windows version and I don’t have a UNIX os.

The last time I did this I didn’t have to use certbot, I just copied and pasted. I cannot find how to do it myself.

Oh but they do.
Albeit in beta still worth a short:

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If you are using GoDaddy hosting (shared, Linux, cPanel) and have ssh access, try to use acme.sh. They used cPanel’s API and works fine… (Although their tutorial look a bit weird)

And if that should not meet your needs there are other ACME clients for Windows.

But as @stevenzhu points out, your Godaddy server may be Linux.
Your PC may be Windows.
But your not going to have to run certbot on your PC.

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Thanks, I got it working with the certbot beta for windows. I’ll look into the other method.

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