Let's Encrypt with Magento - Homepage Not Showing Up as Secure

My site is: paracord550.net

The cert doesn’t work on the homepage, but if you click any link, the cert works just fine, I don’t know why, any clue? thanks!

Hi @unicornsoft,

Your site is trying to load some images but using http instead of https, that is the reason you see the mixed content warning in your browser.

You can check which are the wrong references in your site using this web page https://www.whynopadlock.com.

Once you correct the wrong links you will see again the green lock in your browser.


Thanks sahanu!
I just used the website you suggested, very useful! Besides the image problems you mentioned, there is another problem:

SSL verification issue (Possibly mis-matched URL or bad intermediate cert.). Details:
ERROR: no certificate subject alternative name matches

Do you know why?

Thanks again!

Where are you seeing this verification issue?.

hi @unicornsoft

It seems to be working now.

I am assuming this was an issue with Magento Configuration?

If so can you share what you changed so others can benefit


Hi thanks for all of your helps, after fixing the image urls, the problem solved.

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