Let's Encrypt SSL still linked to old IP address

Hello there

I have my server in AWS using django bitnami. I have applied my SSL to my old IP(X.X.X.X). I had to stop my server and start again. This time the IP address changed(X.X.X.X). I have applied the SSL again and it worked. However when I check with SSL checker websites, the SSL says that it is still resolved in my old IP. Any idea how to fix this? What issues should I expect here?

Thank you.

Hi @jpdpueyo

there are some online tools using cached entries. Or the tool checks only one ip address or only ipv4, not ipv6.

So the result isn't new.

Check it with a tool like https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/ - that queries the new name servers.

@JuergenAuer. Noted on that. I previously used ssl hopper to check the SSL of mysite. That makes sense with them using cached entries. Thank you very much!

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