Lets Encrypt plugin concerns

How long does the install take for the Let’s Encrypt plugin on C Panel please?..

Also, there is a warning on C Panel that says ‘Let’s Encrypt imposes significant rate and domain limits’. What does this mean, and is it something to be concerned about?

I read that the C Panel auto generated certificate is not as secure as a fully installed SSL from Lets encrypt. Is the auto generated version from Lets Encrypt still as secure, or is it similar to the previous auto generated version from C Panel?

Lastly, will this affect the certificates running now?

Thanks in advance,

They're about how many certificates you can obtain in a particular period of time.

I don't know who said that, and I don't know of any basis for this distinction.

How did you obtain them? Still using cPanel?

Many Thanks for the quick reply Schoen…
Some through sslforfree.com, and some purchased through UKFAST hosting.

Presumably if you then use AutoSSL in cPanel it will supersede replace your existing certificates, but not revoke them or anything.

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