Let's Encrypt onto a Hikvsion NVR

Hi guys my cctv system has this Signed certificate is available, start the installation directly

i can’t for some reason install Let’s Encrypt onto it it’s a Hikvsion i made the Cert via Synology system i can’t install it as it needs a file i’m kinda lost as i’m using it on the same domain name as the synology and i’m thinking i should be allowed to use it ? i don’t know what file i need to work it? so it installed on the NVR it self
i have this files cert.pem chain.pem privkey.pem if that helps

Hi @pauldiaz,

if you only have to give one File for certificate, you can concatenate your pem files to one on the other System and copy that File to give it to your cctv system.

Or download the concatenated file from your first system and use the browse button on the install website on the cctv system. Choose your concatenated file and press install.

For Example on a linux based system:

cat privkey.pem fullchain.pem > yourdomain.pem

Greetz Sm3rT

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Wait a minute…were you able to telnet or SSH into a Hikvision?

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